If you’re looking to build a membership website, then our Weebly membership tutorial is a fantastic way to start.

Many membership website builders can feel complex, but Weebly is user-friendly with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Weebly is also an eCommerce specialist website-building tool that comes with various design templates perfect for beginners and experts. 

But how does an entrepreneur use Weebly to create a membership website? 

Weebly Membership Tutorial: How do I create a Weebly membership? 

In order to build membership or subscription features into your Weebly website, you will need to install third-party tools into Weebly’s platform for CMS functionality.

But before installing a third-party CMS, you must follow these steps to create a Weebly membership website: 

Build Your Weebly Website 

If you haven’t built your Weebly website, you must sign up and start creating it. The tutorials are easy to follow. 

Weebly allows you to password-protect certain pages so that you can set up an extremely basic paywall system. But for full CMS integration, you will want to install your third-party tool. 

These CMSs will allow you to manage user accounts, subscriptions, and content access. Popular examples of these tools are MemberPress, Wild Apricot, and Memberful. 

Most of these options will require you to embed their widgets or snippets into your Weebly site. 

Integrate Payment Portals 

Anyone looking to monetize their online offering must integrate a reputable payment portal. With Weebly, you must find a third-party processor like PayPal, Stripe, or Square. 

It’s in your best interest to integrate several payment portal options to allow your consumers a selection. 

Create Membership Signup And Login

Weebly allows its users to create signup and login forms. But be aware that these standard features are basic in their functionality. 

You will want to review your third-party apps again to ensure you have the best membership management tools. 

But when developing any membership website, you must engage your members effectively and regularly. 

Sign-Up To An Email Marketing Tool

One of the best ways to engage your members is via automated emails and sign-up pop-ups. These will inform potential consumers of new products and offerings. Email marketing platforms like Weebly Promote™, MailChimp™, or ConvertKit™ will allow you to incorporate pop-ups into your website and send out newsletters to members. 

You have now created a Weebly site with membership functionality.

Now that we’ve gone through the Weebly membership tutorial, can you set up recurring subscriptions with Weebly?  

Can Weebly Set Up Recurring Subscriptions?

Yes, you can set up recurring subscriptions using a third-party company that you can find on the app store. Examples like Paid Members will allow you to create an actual membership website. Paid Members offers a 10-day unlimited free trial.

The app is perfect for entrepreneurs offering online courses, digital products, coaching programs, and more. Also, this app already had two integrated payment portals: PayPal and Stripe. 

And the cherry on top is you can also integrate your email marketing tools when clients make a purchase. 

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