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Evan Bleker

What Is Member Sherpa?

Member Sherpa is an online community focused on helping sub- $10 million membership website founders overcome roadblocks to building highly successful online businesses.

I launched Member Sherpa in 2023 with one simple goal:

To distill lessons learned from hundreds of the best subscription site founders to put together a detailed framework that anyone can follow to launch and rapidly grow their membership community, online course, or info product business.

What we’ve arrived at is an evolving set of principles, strategies, and tactics that constitute a best practice framework for rapid revenue growth. It’s a blueprint for busting through bottlenecks.

Best practices exist in every industry. Ultimately, firms that adopt them thrive and come to dominate their industry, while those who ignore them fall back and are eventually put out of business.

I want to help small subscription site founders get a massive leg up on the (often much larger) competition by bringing these strategies and tactics into clear focus for quick implementation to increase market share, revenues, and ultimately cash flows.

Every month we talk to the best subscription site founders, those with flourishing businesses, to find out why they chose their business idea, what strategies they used to grow their website, and what they’re doing to gain a leg up on the competition. We compile and distill these lessons down to a set of smart strategies and tactics that Member Sherpa community members can use to reach their next level of success.

No, it is not true that running a thriving business – even an internet start-up – requires a massive amount of time and energy on your part. Not if you use smart strategies and principles to delegate and leverage your contribution.

You have to implement these principles intelligently, though. The impact you see from learning how to leverage YOU does not only help grow a thriving business – it’s a necessary requirement to do so. This is why team, systems, delegation, and leverage all play such a large role in what I teach. 

My Story: A Life Changing Membership Site

In 2011 I launched what would turn out to be a life changing online membership community.

I graduated university during the depths of the 2009 Great Financial Crisis – not exactly a good time to look for a job – so found myself on a plane traveling to Asia to teach English with a bunch of other economic castaways.

While I loved my adopted country and making a difference in the lives of my students, the mindless repetition, extremely toxic work culture, and poverty-level wages made these the worst jobs I have ever had. I was desperate to escape.

By chance a friend recommended that I launch a community website for investors who were interested in the same niche stock market strategy I was using. I thought it a long shot but gave it a try.

Membership sales immediately took off so I scrambled to learn as much as I could about the membership business model, how to sustain my success long term, and how I could keep the demands of a rapidly growing internet start-up from overwhelming me.

The learning process was tough but the results proved to be extremely rewarding. Since 2012, I’ve launched several other successful spin-off businesses, started several masterminds, advised other entrepreneurs on their online start-ups, and have had the incredible fortune to travel to 10 countries (living in 4 of them) after putting together automation systems & a highly skilled team to run my businesses.

None of this was possible without mastering many of the strategies and tactics used by the best subscription site founders and digital marketers in the business.


Evan Bleker

Member Sherpa
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