We’re interested in profiling successful membership websites on our Membership Website Case Studies page. If you’d like to be profiled, please email us at support [at] membersherpa.com.

Benefits of being featured:

  • Get a solid link back to your site. We have a rapidly growing DR and zero spam score.
  • Shape your brand off site. You get to tell your hero story which helps people come to love you even more
  • Control more of the brand search. Control more what people see of you and your company. Controlling page 1 for your brand is very valuable for shaping public perception.
  •  Push competitors down the SERP. When searching for critical keywords directly related to your site, the prospect will see more of you and less of your competitor.


  •  Must be a membership or subscription website. A subscription website sells a product or service on a subscription basis (courses, info products, newsletters, subscription blogging, coaching, etc). A membership website does the same but offers customers some way to interact with each other.
  •  Must have revenue over $5,000 USD. We want to profile businesses, not just websites.
  •  Must be growing, not shrinking. We do not want to profile dying websites.
  •  Must not be a shady site. No porn, MLM, etc. We won’t feature websites that make the world a worse place to live.

If you’d pass these requirements and would like to be profiled, please email us at support [at] membersherpa.com.