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Evan Bleker Member Sherpa Writer

Evan Bleker

Founder and Editor

Evan has managed membership websites since 2011. Now he spends his time helping others start online businesses.

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Hya Cornelio

Publishing Team Lead​

Hya is our Publishing Team Leader. She has nearly a decade’s worth of experience working on websites.

Nick Gutladera Member Sherpa

Nick Gutladera

Writing Team Lead

Nick is a professional writer and current leads our writing team. He is well versed in SEO outlines and troubleshooting.

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Navneet Singhal


Navneet works as our accountant and bookkeeper. He has extensive experience working with small businesses and in security analysis.

Jo Charnock


Jo is a professional writer with experience in the internet marketing and electric bikes spaces.

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Andrew Macfarlane Member Sherpa

Andrew Macfarlane​


Andrew is a professional writer who has extensive experience writing in the business niche.

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