WildApricot is a popular membership management software that has gained attention in the membership website builder community in recent years. 

But is WildApricot legit? What exactly is it for? What is WildApricot for members? Let’s find out.

Is WildApricot Legit?

Yes, WildApricot is a legitimate platform. 

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, WildApricot provides a reliable and efficient solution for managing memberships, events, and online payments. The platform is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide, including non-profits, associations, and clubs. 

WildApricot’s robust security measures ensure the protection of sensitive data, giving users peace of mind. Additionally, their customer support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or technical issues. Overall, WildApricot offers a legitimate and reputable platform for organizations seeking a reliable membership management solution.

What is WildApricot used for?

WildApricot is used as a comprehensive membership management platform that simplifies various administrative tasks for organizations. 

It offers a wide range of features and tools to streamline membership management, event registration, and online payments. 

With WildApricot, organizations can effectively handle member databases, automate renewals, and communicate with members through newsletters and email campaigns.

Key Features of WildApricot:

1. Membership Management: WildApricot allows organizations to easily manage their membership base. It provides an intuitive interface to create and update member profiles, track membership status, and generate reports.

2. Event Registration: WildApricot simplifies event management by enabling organizations to create and promote events, sell tickets, and manage attendee registrations. The platform also offers features like event calendars, reminders, and online check-ins.

3. Online Payments: WildApricot integrates with popular payment gateways, allowing organizations to securely collect membership dues, event fees, and donations online. This feature eliminates the need for manual payment processing and ensures a seamless user experience.

4. Website Builder: WildApricot provides a user-friendly website builder that empowers organizations to create and customize professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge. The platform offers pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and mobile-responsive designs.

What is WildApricot for members?

WildApricot not only benefits organizations but also enhances the experience for their members. Here are some key benefits for members:

1. Member Portal: WildApricot offers a dedicated member portal that allows members to access exclusive content, update their profiles, register for events, and make online payments. The portal serves as a centralized hub for members to interact with the organization and stay informed.

2. Self-Service Options: Members can log in to their WildApricot accounts and easily manage their membership details, including renewals and payments. This self-service functionality saves time and provides members with more control over their membership experience.

3. Communication Tools: WildApricot enables organizations to send targeted newsletters, event invitations, and announcements to their members. This ensures that members stay updated on the latest news, events, and opportunities within the organization.

WildApricot is a legitimate and reliable membership management platform that offers a wide range of features for organizations and their members. 

Whether you’re a small club, non-profit organization, or professional association, WildApricot provides the tools necessary to streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and grow your community.

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