When it comes to facilitating online transactions for your online membership community, selecting the right payment processor is critical. 

One platform that has captured the attention of nonprofits and associations alike is Wild Apricot – a comprehensive membership management software solution/membership website builder that offers a variety of features, including online payment processing. 

As an all-in-one platform, it allows organizations to manage memberships, events, and website content in one place. 

But what payment processor does Wild Apricot use?

Read on to find out.

What Payment Processor Does Wild Apricot Use?

Wild Apricot uses a payment system they call Wild Apricot Payments, which is itself powered by AffiniPay. This partnership enables Wild Apricot to provide a seamless and integrated payment processing experience for its users.

The beauty of Wild Apricot Payments lies in its simplicity. Once you’ve set up a Wild Apricot account, integrating the payment processing feature is easy. With Wild Apricot Payments, you can accept credit card payments online and offer auto-recurring options for memberships, making it hassle-free for members to maintain their memberships.

Furthermore, with Wild Apricot Payments, payments are processed directly within your Wild Apricot system. This means you don’t have to deal with third-party payment systems and can monitor all transactions within your Wild Apricot account. It also offers detailed reporting, allowing you to keep track of your organization’s finances easily.

As of the moment, Wild Apricot supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Authorize.net. This means clients have the flexibility to choose a payment processor that offers the features and pricing structure that best suits their requirements. 

Overall, Wild Apricot Payments provides a streamlined, efficient solution for membership communities looking to simplify their online payment process. By partnering with AffiniPay, Wild Apricot ensures its users have access to a reliable and secure payment processing platform.

What is WildApricot Payments?

WildApricot Payments is a comprehensive payment system designed for organizations using the WildApricot platform. 

It allows these organizations to efficiently process online payments for events, memberships, and other transactions. The system is seamlessly integrated within WildApricot’s software, providing a streamlined experience for both administrators and users. 

Users can effortlessly make payments with their credit cards, while administrators can manage and track these transactions with ease. This eliminates the need for a third-party payment processor, simplifying financial management for organizations.

What is the Payment Gateway for WildApricot Payments?

WildApricot Payments is the default payment system for all new WildApricot accounts. It is powered by AffiniPay, a leading payment solutions provider. 

This payment gateway is designed for associations and nonprofits, ensuring secure, efficient, and professional payment processing. With WildApricot Payments, organizations can accept online payments for memberships, event registrations, online store items, and donations directly on their website. 

Transactions are seamlessly integrated with the WildApricot account, simplifying financial management and eliminating the need for manual entry of payment information. Furthermore, it offers robust security measures complying with PCI Level 1 standards, the highest level of security certification in the payment industry. 

Moreover, it supports multiple currencies, allowing organizations to transact globally. Thus, WildApricot Payments offer a comprehensive payment solution tailored to meet the needs of associations and nonprofits.

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