Finding archived members in Wild Apricot, a leading membership website builder, can initially seem daunting. However, with a few clear steps, this task can be accomplished with ease. Stay tuned as we delve into a detailed guide on how you can access this valuable information. So how do I find archived members in Wild Apricot? Read on to find out.

How Do I Find Archived Members In Wild Apricot?

Archived members in Wild Apricot are stored away from the main membership directory for the purpose of record-keeping without cluttering the active memberships. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to locate these archived members:

  1. Login to Wild Apricot: Launch the Wild Apricot website and sign in using your administrator login credentials.
  2. Member Management: After logging in, navigate to the “Members” section on the dashboard. This section is typically located in the top menu bar.
  3. Archived Members: Once on the “Members” page, look for the “Member list” dropdown menu. Click on this dropdown menu and select “Archived”.
  4. View Archived Members: After clicking “Archived”, you’ll be redirected to a list of all archived members. Here, you can view all the members who have been archived on your Wild Apricot account.
  5. Search and Filter: If you need to find a specific archived member, you can do so by using the search bar or filter function. The search bar allows you to type in specific keywords, such as a member’s name or email address. The filter function allows you to sort and filter the list based on various criteria, such as membership level or join date.
  6. Reactivate Members: If you need to reactivate an archived member, simply select the member from the list and click the “Reactivate” button. This will restore the member’s status and they will once again be active in your Wild Apricot account.

Remember, archiving members does not delete them from your database. It simply changes their status and removes them from your active members list. They can always be found and reactivated from the “Archived” list in your “Members” section.

Why Archive Members On Wild Apricot?

You might ask, why archive members? It’s an effective way to maintain member records, particularly those who are no longer active. They can be restored to active status whenever necessary. So, understanding how to find archived members in Wild Apricot is crucial for the effective management of your online membership community.

In summary, the process of finding archived members in Wild Apricot is straightforward. With a few clicks, you can access a wealth of historical data about your membership community. Whether you’re a large-scale organization or a small grassroots group, Wild Apricot can help you manage your membership data effectively.

Remember, the ability to archive and retrieve member data is just one of the many features that make Wild Apricot a powerful tool for online membership communities. So, continue exploring what Wild Apricot has to offer and make the most out of your membership management experience!

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