Searching for a good membership website builder and finding yourself wondering, “Is Wild Apricot Hipaa compliant?” If you’re operating a healthcare-related online membership community, this would be a crucial question. In this article, we delve into this topic in depth, so continue reading!

Is Wild Apricot HIPAA Compliant?

No, Wild Apricot is not HIPAA compliant because it is not designed to handle protected health information. 

It is essential for healthcare organizations to choose a software solution that is explicitly HIPAA compliant when dealing with patient health information. As always, it’s imperative to carefully assess the requirements and constraints of your specific organization before choosing a software solution.

Wild Apricot is a software solution primarily designed to serve non-profit organizations, clubs, and associations. Its core features are geared towards managing memberships, events, and websites. It excels in aiding organizations track members, communicate with them effectively, and manage events seamlessly. But its function doesn’t inherently include handling health information.

HIPAA, enacted in 1996 in the United States, sets guidelines for the protection of sensitive patient health information. Any organization or service that deals with protected health information (PHI) is required to ensure they meet HIPAA compliance rules. This includes healthcare providers, insurance companies, and any other entity that processes, stores, or transmits PHI.

Given the intended use and features of Wild Apricot, the platform is not explicitly designed to be HIPAA compliant. It’s not purposed for healthcare providers or to handle PHI. However, this doesn’t detract from its capabilities as an effective membership management tool. If your organization doesn’t process PHI and doesn’t need HIPAA compliance, Wild Apricot could be an excellent choice.

Is Wild Apricot Secure?

Yes, Wild Apricot is secure. It employs strong industry-standard security measures to protect data. This includes encryption for data transmission, secure servers for data storage, and regular system backups. Additionally, Wild Apricot is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), further emphasizing its commitment to data security.

Although not HIPAA compliant, Wild Apricot excels in maintaining a secure environment for your membership data.

Where Is Wild Apricot Data Stored?

Wild Apricot’s data is stored on servers located in a state-of-the-art data center in Toronto, Canada. 

This data center is operated by a professional hosting company that ensures the highest level of data security and protection. It includes features such as redundant power supply, climate control, and fire suppression systems, along with 24/7 physical security. 

Wild Apricot also maintains daily backups of all data to ensure it can be restored swiftly and efficiently in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, they employ advanced encryption methods to protect sensitive information during transmission. This stringent level of data management ensures the integrity and security of all information stored within the Wild Apricot system.

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