If you’re a software membership manager or someone who’s just getting started with online memberships, understanding how to adjust member levels is crucial. How do you change member level in Wild Apricot? Insight into this process is essential, and Wild Apricot simplifies it remarkably well. Let’s find out.

How Do You Change Member Level In Wild Apricot?

You can change member level in Wild Apricot in a straightforward and user-friendly process. Below are the steps you need to follow to make this critical change.

Firstly, sign in to your Wild Apricot account and head over to the “Members” tab. Here you will find a list of all your current members. Browse through the list or use the search feature to quickly locate the member whose level needs modification.

Once you’ve selected the appropriate member, click on their name to open up their individual profile. Within their profile details, look out for the “Membership status” section, which is pivotal for the next step.

In this section, you’ll find the “Change level” option, beckoning for a click. Upon clicking, you will be presented with a dropdown list or selection of available member levels to choose from. Make sure you select the correct new level for the member to ensure a smooth transition.

Before finalizing the change, Wild Apricot allows you to review the implications of the level change, especially when it comes to subscription payments or membership periods. This stage is essential to ensure that both the organization and the member are informed about the new membership status and its related details.

If you opt to, you can check a box to send a notification email to the member alerting them of this change. Open communication is always recommended as it fosters a sense of transparency and trust within your community.

After the new member level has been confirmed, it’s useful to refer to the “Membership level history” section from time to time. This feature helps you keep a track record of all the level changes a particular member has gone through, which is valuable information for historical and administrative purposes.

For organizations looking for a more nuanced and hands-off approach, Wild Apricot provides features like setting up membership renewal rules and automated workflows. Such automation ensures that membership level changes are implemented accurately based on time or activity triggers, which can greatly reduce the manual workload on your end.

Remember, changing a member’s level in Wild Apricot isn’t just a one-off task—it’s a part of managing a dynamic and growing community. The better equipped you are with knowledge on performing these changes and utilizing Wild Apricot’s features, the more smoothly your membership management tasks will flow.

In summary, following these steps diligently will enhance your control over your membership management, meeting members’ needs, and ensuring your organization’s framework stays strong. Whether it’s altering a single account or multiple members, now you can answer confidently when asked, “How do you change member level in Wild Apricot?” Utilize this guide to explore further the capabilities that Wild Apricot has to strengthen your organization.

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