WildApricot is ranked as one of the best membership website builders on the internet, but who are they, and did Personify buy WildApricot? 

And if Personify did buy WildApricot, who is this parent company? Let’s answer the first question. 

Did Personify Buy WildApricot?

Yes, Personify acquired WildApricot in 2017 and finalized the deal later in the year. The acquisition is also tied to the additional purchase of Small World Labs in 2015, which is a community vendor and membership website builder. Currently, Personify is backed by Rubicon Technology Partners, which is a private equity firm. 

When the process of acquisition started, WildApricot stated it had:

  • 22,000 organizations with over seven million members
  • 21% of its clients outside of the USA, with a strong market share in Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Double-digit growth year-on-year. 

Since the acquisition, the company has not had to downsize; instead, it has grown. WildApricot is based in and operates from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

As WildApricot’s main demographic is micro-associations, it was an unknown SaaS for many career association executives. With the unknown company boasting such fantastic numbers, it raised many executives’ suspicions. 

But after the Chief Strategy Officer at Personify, Michael Wilson crunched the numbers, they were bang on. Wilson attributed WildApricot’s great number to its “freemium model” which allows its clients a 30-day free trial period, and for organizations with less than 50 members, it is completely free. 

The freemium model also means small organizations that can’t afford the product on a higher tier at first, will purchase the product at a later stage. Pricing for WildApricot ranges between $40 and $270 a month. 

Another major attribute that was mentioned in WildApricot’s acquisition was its inbound marketing strategy with SEMs, which was just word of mouth. But because the company wasn’t having to spend on marketing, it could put the capital into research and development of the product.  

By pouring capital into development WildApricot was able to leverage its performance and attain great online reviews from sites like Capterra. 

In turn, this means by offering a better product with more functionality, review sites write about the product and its strengths, which is then served to new potential clients. 

Which worked at attracting Personify’s attention. 

Now that we’ve answered, “Did Personify buy WildApricot?” let’s discuss who the parent company is. 

Who Is The Parent Company of WildApricot?

As mentioned, WildApricot was acquired by Personify. Established in 1996, Personify is now a household name and market leader in the Constituent Management and Engagement (CME) platform sector.

For over two decades, the company has provided software, services, data intelligence, and expertise that drives associations, nonprofits, and companies to achieve their goals. 

At the moment, Personify has some majorly impressive stats, including:

  • 25% of the U.S. population interacts with Personify
  • Three billion interactions with Personify products each year 
  • 30,000+ organizations using one or more Personify products
  • 70,000+ staff using Personify products daily
  • 300+ employees
  • And four major offices located in Atlanta, Austin, Toronto, and Washington-Baltimore. 

Personify’s ethos is to deliver products that can support and enable your journey no matter where you are on your corporate venture. 

The company also prides itself on being able to listen to its client’s specific challenges and use its collective experience to create a solution just for them. And by working closely with its clients and establishing trust. Personify wants to grow with its clients. 

To assist with this growth, Personify offers clients three suites of solutions. These include Association Management Software (AMS), Event Management Software (EMS), and Member Engagement Software (MES). 

For this article, we’ll focus on only the AMS. 

Under AMS are: 

  • MemberClicks Professional: This is for growing professional associations with small staff numbers wanting to boost productivity, membership, and revenue.
  • MemberClicks Trade: This is for trade associations and chambers of commerce. It can simplify/configure staff workflows to manage financials and complex member relationships.
  • ThreeSixty: This is for large associations, YMCAs, and JCCs who will love this software solution as it streamlines, provides insights, and is a powerful enterprise platform.

Also, under AMS is WildApricot itself. Now that we’ve answered, “Did Personify buy WildApricot?” and explained more about Personify, will you be signing up for their services? 

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