WildApricot is an all-in-one membership website builder. It is a popular online tool that many small to medium-sized community businesses have utilized, leading Personify to buy the company. But when did Personify acquire WildApricot?   

When Did Personify Acquire WildApricot?

Personify announced its acquisition of WildApricot on 26 September 2017 and finalized the deal later in the year. 

The move came after Personify acquired the online community and social collaboration platform, Small World Labs, in 2015 and launched PersonifyGo, an intuitive browser-based interface for Personify360, in April 2017.

These three movements allowed Personify to expand and modernize the solutions offered to constituent-focused organizations. 

At the time of acquisition, Wild Apricot served over 22,000 organizations and had over 7 million members. Additionally, Wild Apricot had a significant international client base, with 21% of clients situated outside of the United States.

Personify is a technology platform offering professional services and support that enables partners to combine ideas. These partners are associations, chambers of commerce, nonprofits, event professionals, YMCAs, and more. 

Because there was little overlap in services and products between Wild Apricot and Personify, the acquisition proved many naysayers wrong. The success was due to there being no duplication of services or the inherent problems of managing platforms that are similar or serve the same clients. 

Unlike many other acquisition deals, there have been no layoffs; in fact, the company has had to hire more employees. 

The acquisition has strengthened WildApricot’s product offering and added more value to its customers by introducing an online store, a mobile app for members, and its own payment processor. 

The purchase also allowed Personify to scale up and offer its services to more than 30,000 organizations and 75 million members. 

In hindsight, both companies opened an exciting new chapter and were able to engage their clients better, maximize revenue, and optimize operations. 

Now that we’ve answered the question, “When did Personify acquire WildApriot?” let’s focus on WildApricot by Personify. 

What Is WildApricot By Personify?

WildApricot is a cloud-based membership management software that helps emerging nonprofits and chapters automate and simplify their workflow. 

The platform builder offers users a centralized database to store membership data, define membership levels, and automate renewal actions. 

Other functionalities that WildApricot provides include:

  • Event management software, 
  • And website builder tools. 

WildApricot also offers users an email tool, which allows them to communicate with members and creates filtered lists and groups for targeted content delivery. 

Now, let’s look at when this platform builder was created. 

When Was WildApricot Created?

WildApricot was founded in 2006 and has since become the #1 rated membership management software for emerging nonprofits and state and local chapters. 

The company was co-founded in 2006 by Erin Sullivan and Dmitry Buterin. They got their first client in November of that year, and currently, over 26,000 organizations are using the software to eliminate up to 90% of their administrative work. 

Both co-founders are still tied to the company and are proud of how successfully they have scaled up operations and retained staff members and loyal customers. 

Moving into the future, the company is firmly positioned to take advantage of every opportunity.

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