Online communities are often welcoming spaces, but what is at least one negative aspect of an online community?

While online communities can be a great asset for new business owners to learn from shared insights and experiences, sometimes, it can be the polar opposite.

After all, everything has to balance positive and negative attributes. So, what is this one negative aspect of an online community that every budding entrepreneur building a community should know?

What Is One Negative Aspect of An Online Community?

The main negative aspect of an online community is its potential to become a breeding ground for toxic behavior.

When asking, “What Is One Negative Aspect of An Online Community?” the answer is a web of harmful elements.

Suppose an online community becomes a breeding ground for disrespectful content towards you, your business, other members, or other groups. In that case, you can expect other users to be harmed or offended. You’ll inevitably lose memberships because of it.

This is why we put strict “no political discussion” and “no disrespect” rules in our communities.

Sometimes, individuals can be anonymous in online communities and circulate their horrid opinions without accountability. The only recourse is to eject from the group.

This lack of accountability means that you have to put proper moderation tools and rules in place, or members can experience torrents of:


It is the digital act of harassing, intimidating, and threatening members. Any form of bullying can cause emotional and psychological harm.

As well as,


Trolling is defined as an individual (or a group) whose sole purpose is to disrupt by providing negative comments. These comments can often dismantle constructive conversations.

So that we understand more about the damage caused by negative individuals, are they the main reason most online communities fail?

Why Do Most Online Communities Fail?

Most online communities will fade from existence due to a lack of activity or member engagement.

When asking the question, “What is one negative aspect of an online community?”

One reason is squarely the creation of harmful content by online diluents and the lack of active moderation.

But again, the reason for online community failures is more complex than one bad element. These reasons can include:

No Clear Purpose

When members don’t understand the purpose of the community, content becomes diluted and irrelevant. This will drive members away to other platforms.

Poor User Experience

A platform that is difficult to use and experiences technical issues will frustrate members, who will migrate to a new online community.

Lack of Engagement

For an online community to succeed, you need constant, constructive engagement. Without active users, content becomes irrelevant, with members moving to newer, more engaging communities.

Online communities can become a burden quickly, so why do people like online communities?

Why Do People Like Online Communities?

People love online communities because they can offer valuable insights, a sense of belonging, and connection via a shared interest.

So, after answering the question, “What is one negative aspect of an online community?” you might wonder why you should launch one first.

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