Selecting the best membership website builder is tough, so what does Wild Apricot do? How does it rack up against the competition? And how is it related to membership communities? 

The answer is straightforward. 

What Does Wild Apricot Do? 

Wild Apricot is a cloud-based membership management software designed to assist organizations, particularly non-profits, associations, clubs, and small businesses, in managing their membership databases, including events and communication processes. 

The platform offers a variety of features that will streamline administrative tasks, enhance member engagement, and help with organizational growth.

Wild Apricot’s main functions include:

  • Membership management, 
  • Allowing administrators to easily create and update member profiles, 
  • Membership processing and renewals and tracking member interactions. 

Also included with the platform are tools for event management, allowing organizations to create and promote events, manage registrations, and handle ticketing or payment processing seamlessly.

The platform is a great tool for effective communication, as it has built-in email marketing and newsletter tools. Users can design and send personalized emails, automate communication workflows, and keep members informed about events, updates, and other relevant information.

Also, Wild Apricot’s website builder allows users to create professional-looking websites without knowing any programming. Users can utilize customizable templates, showcase events, and integrate membership forms directly into their websites. 

And just as an FYI, Wild Apricot prioritizes data security and offers options for online payments, making financial transactions secure and convenient.

Now that we have answered, “What does Wild Apricot do?” let’s focus on whether or not it is any good. 

Is Wild Apricot Any Good?

General reviews of Wild Apricot are positive. The main bankable attribute of the platform is its price point. Most clients of Wild Apricot are enticed into using it because of its 30-day free trial. 

Pricing starts at $60 a month, which can accommodate 100 members, and the top-tier product costs $900 a month for 50,000 members. 

Also, the company claims that its platform replaces multiple pieces of software, including:

  • Membership management systems
  • Webpage editing software   
  • Website Hosting
  • Event calendars and registration
  • Online fundraising and payments
  • Emailing tools and digital forums

Users can also automate certain administrative tasks, such as chasing renewal fees. It is widely considered to be a great product with so much functionality built into the platform’s offering. 

However, most professional review sites say that the back-end user interface is a bit outdated, and compared to its competitors, its social media functionality doesn’t cut the mustard. 

Now that we’ve answered, “What does Wild Apricot Do?” and whether it is good, how do you join Wild Apricot? 

How Do I Join Wild Apricot?

Visit Wild Apricot’s official website and click the “Start a Free Trial” button on any of its packages, or simply click the “Try Now” button. 

You will be asked to provide your email address so they can send you an activation email. Once you receive the automatic response email, enter your details and create a password. 

Once completed, you will have 30 days to trial Wild Apricot’s features. If you are ready to upgrade your package, you can choose a new subscription at any time. 

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