MemberClicks is an awesome membership portal platform for associations, chambers, and nonprofits, so what does MemberClicks cost? 

MemberClicks offers clients a huge variety of functionality, but price is the biggest factor for any company looking to adopt a new Association Management Software (AMS). 

So, what does MemberClicks cost? 

What Does MemberClicks Cost?

Memberclicks offers five different levels of pricing, starting at $259 per month; however, all the levels are billed annually. There is no free trial or free version option. So, what does MemberClicks cost?

Level 1 costs $3108 per annum. If you choose this level, you get 300 custom profiles and 900 prospect profiles, and you can send 12,000 emails per month.

Level 2 costs $3,948, and these customers get 1,000 custom profiles and 3,000 prospect profiles, and they can send 40,000 emails per month.

Level 3 costs $4,788 and includes 2,500 custom profiles and 7,500 prospect profiles, and you can send 100,000 emails per month.

Level 4 costs $5,988, which includes 5,000 custom profiles and 15,000 prospect profiles, and you can send 200,000 emails per month.

The final and most expensive package, Level 5, costs $7,188 and includes 10,000 custom profiles and 30,000 prospect profiles, and you can send 400,000 emails per month.

Most MemberClicks tier packages are aimed at well-established and large enterprises. And with the tier five package, you can send members six emails monthly. Depending on your marketing strategy, you will have to adjust the frequency of your communication.  

MemberClicks has two Association Management packages available: MemberClicks Trade and MemberClicks Professional. The starting annual price for both is $4,500, but chambers get specialty pricing if they sign up for MC Trade, which has significantly more functionality. 

MemberClicks also has a Conferencing App, which is an add-on to their packages. Customers are quoted individually. The subscription is billed annually, but their website states that they are open to special requests.

Customers who subscribe can build unlimited events per year for their subscription fee. 

MemberClicks is owned by Personify, so what does MemberClicks cost if you are using multiple services?

Organizations that combine products from MemberClicks and Personify get attractive pricing incentives. The annual subscription for most of these combined solutions starts at $3000 for the smallest organizations.

AMS packages are billed as a one-year minimum and discounts apply on customers who take more than one year’s subscription.

Event management software packages are billed annually or per event, with a one-event minimum. Discounts apply to larger events combined with additional solutions.

Learning management software packages are only billed annually with a one-year minimum, but discounts apply to packages that include premium Personify products and longer pricing terms.

For the customers who choose to combine their MemberClicks subscription with Personify’s Job Board, there is no additional cost, only a revenue share. There is also no minimum term, and multiple job postings are allowed.

Now that we’ve answered the question of what MemberClicks cost, which package are you taking?

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