Member retention is vital for every club in real life and online, so let’s answer your Google question, “How can I improve my club retention?” and touch upon other important aspects. 

For now, let’s address the main headline question. 

How Can I Improve My Club Retention? 

You can improve your club retention by implementing several coherent strategies that include the following steps: 

Get To Know Your Member

The first step in retaining members at your club is to know who they are. Whether this requires more emails or in-person events, ensure your club’s members are familiar to you. 

Once you understand them and their needs, you can tailor experiences to them. 

Regular Engagement And Communication 

Many aspects of life are improved with better communication, and improving your club’s retention is one of them. 

Incentivise Members To Return 

When memberships lapse, make sure to entice them to return with offers such as:

  • Discount memberships
  • Access to new resources
  • An invite to an upcoming event

Make Sure Your Members Don’t Experience Buyer’s Remorse

If a new member signs up to your community and does not feel welcomed, this can lead to “membership buyer’s remorse.” 

To prevent this from happening, make sure your onboarding process focuses on their needs and send them the following:

  • Personalized messages (from a real person)
  • Fun introduction videos with background information about the club
  • Introductions to current members
  • And make sure there’s a clear user experience for them to follow. 

Continuously Conduct Research 

Finding out why members left is important. These insights allow you to pivot, meet these needs, and improve your membership retention rate. 

Give Them Option To Pause 

They say that variety is the spice of life, so rather than giving members only two options, leaving or staying, why not offer a third – pause your membership? 

Now that we’ve firmly answered your Google question, “How can I improve my club retention?” we need to find out how to increase your retention rate at your club.

How Do You Increase Retention Rate In A Club? 

You must foster a sense of community with members to increase your club’s retention rate. 

Cultivating this sense of community will require creating a welcoming environment (digitally and in person). Also, you should send out personalized communication messages to members and always remain open to constructive feedback on improvements the club can make. 

From these feedback sessions, you can also create meaningful experiences for members. This will require constant work, but it’s worth it. 

But what about attracting new people to the club?

How Do You Attract People To Your Club? 

For clubs, word of mouth is the best strategy for attracting more people to your club. While you can utilize targeted marketing via social media, local platforms, or on local community boards with clubs, the personal touches matter. 

Also, by adopting our strategies mentioned above for increasing and improving retention rates, you will create a great word-of-mouth campaign to deliver what club members want. 

By simply following the tips above about how can I improve my club retention rate, your club will grow from strength to strength every year. 

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