With more than 220 million users and Wix memberships extending across 190 countries internationally, does Wix allow users to upload photos? 

The company is famous for enabling clients to create a website without limits, so does Wix allow their users to upload photos? 

Does Wix Allow Users To Upload Photos? 

Yes, users can upload photos to their Wix website. In fact, the website-building platform allows clients multiple options to upload images. 

The first method is to use Wix Editor. Via this method, clients can upload images directly to the site. 

To upload images directly, you need to:

  • Log in to your Wix account and go to the Wix Editor.
  • Click on the “+” icon or the “Add” button.
  • Select “Image” from the menu.
  • Choose to upload an image from your computer, Wix galleries, social media accounts, or free Wix images.

Another method would be via the Wix Media Manager: To access the Media Manager, you must go through the Wix Editor again.

The Media Manager allows users to access all their visual assets as well as upload, organize, and manage images directly.

You can also upload images via the Wix Mobile App if you don’t have a laptop. 

Wix also supports various third-party apps and integrations. If you require specific, additional functionalities, you will find apps that facilitate image uploading, as well as meeting your needs.

Now that we have answered the question, “Does Wix Allow Users To Upload Photos?” let’s define the differences between a Wix user, a site owner, and a member. 

What Is A Wix User, A Site Owner, and a Site Member?

A Wix user is someone given access to use the services and make modifications to a Wix website; a site owner is the main proprietor of the site, and a site member is anyone who has signed up for Wix services, such as payment portals and appointment bookings.

Now that we’ve established who does what, and we’ve answered “Does Wix Allow Users To Upload Photos?” how big can these images be?

What Size Photos Can Be Uploaded On Wix? 

Wix recommends that your image should be no larger than 8MB. The image’s maximum dimensions should be 1200 x 630 pixels (px), and the minimum around 200 x 200 px, but this picture will be very small and of poor quality. 

The smallest recommended dimensions of an image for Wix is 600 x 315 px. Now that we know what size photos you can upload on Wix, are there any restrictions?

Restrictions When Uploading Photos On Wix 

Wix has a strict policy against unauthorized infringements of copyrights on images, uploading abusive content, and other criminal offenses. However, they do not pre-approve customer sites or monitor for security seasons. 

Wix accepts JPG, GIF, and PNG file types. 

For the best performance of your website, Wix recommends having less than: 

  • 150 photos per upload
  • 400 photos per album
  • And a limit of 4000 albums per site. 

Although they recommended a capacity of 1.6 million photos per site on Wix, there is no restriction on how many images you can upload. 

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