You may have heard of Tribe, a customizable platform that helps you build and manage your online campaigns. But does Tribe have an app? In recent years, membership apps have become necessary for companies and organizations to grow their communities and increase sales. 

Tribe offers a different solution for your marketing needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Does Tribe Have An App?

The short answer is yes, Tribe does have an app! The Tribe app is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to access the platform conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Tribe is a popular social media platform that focuses on building a community of creators that you, as a company or brand, can tap into to run high-quality campaigns. 

The Tribe app offers a range of features powered by the latest technology and an expert team. It’s never been easier to create marketing strategies that rival the world’s most innovative brands.

Here are some key features of the Tribe app:

  • Offers Access To A Community Of Creators: Whether you are a new brand or an existing company, the Tribe app offers access to thousands of like-minded creators matched to your brand and marketing objectives.
  • Provides Creators Opportunities: Tired of looking for clients? The Tribe app offers a platform where influencers can sign up, create a profile, and then look for their favorite brands to pitch their creative ideas.
  • Personalized Matches: The Tribe app uses AI technology to personalize the best creator matches based on your strategy outline and activity within the platform. This helps you discover relevant content creators that match your advertising goals. 
  • Multimedia Support: The Tribe app combines the power of user-generated content with the sophisticated ad-targeting tools of TikTok, Meta, and Pinterest. Or you can opt to use Tribe’s media experts to run your creator-paid advertising campaigns.
  • Expert Team Support: Tribe provides a dedicated Customer Support Team to help you with set-up, training, and objective setting. They also offer advice and insights on building your community, campaigns, and creator management and assist with tracking and measuring the performance of your campaigns.
  • Data Analytics: Measure your return on investment (ROI) with performance data analysis from Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Real-time data helps you to realize who your top-performing creators are with first-party, in-depth performance metrics and audience breakdowns.

Overall, the Tribe app offers a platform for you to connect with creators who share your brand’s goals, participate in campaigns, and build meaningful relationships for future strategies. 

Who Owns Tribe?

Tribe is owned by Australian TV presenter and radio personality Jules Lund. He started the company in 2014 after realizing the power of social media, after helping to build the most popular Facebook brand page in Australia.

The company has since expanded into the UK, USA, and the Philippines and connects more than 8,000 top brands such as Amazon, Colgate, Disney, Lego, McDonald’s, Nespresso, and Mars. 

With more than 80,000 creators and influencers on board, they have created over 1.5 million pieces of branded content, making it one of the leading sources of influencer marketing.