Showit is a popular general and membership website builder that allows users to create stunning and customizable websites. 

Sure, having an awesome page design is one of the best ways to attract and even retain members, but are Showit membership sites worth it? Let’s find out.

Are Showit Membership Sites Worth It?

Showit membership sites are totally worth it. But first, let’s check out the goods and bads.

Showit Pros

1. Ease of use: Showit is known for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to create and customize their websites without any coding knowledge.

2. Responsive design: Showit offers responsive design capabilities, ensuring that websites created on the platform look great and function smoothly across various devices and screen sizes.

3. Integration with WordPress: Showit seamlessly integrates with WordPress, allowing users to combine the flexibility of Showit’s design capabilities with the power of WordPress for blogging and content management.

4. Design flexibility: Showit provides users with a high level of design flexibility, allowing them to create unique and visually appealing websites.

Showit Cons

1. Limited e-commerce functionality: While Showit offers basic e-commerce capabilities, it may not be the best option for businesses looking to build a large-scale online store. The platform lacks advanced e-commerce features such as inventory management, complex product variations, and payment gateway integrations, which can be essential for businesses with extensive e-commerce needs.

2. Learning curve for advanced customization: While Showit is generally easy to use, users who want to go beyond the basic design options may encounter a steeper learning curve.

Some people complain about the pricing but after starting and running maybe a dozen websites over the last 20 years, we think the platform is rather inexpensive. 

Overall, Showit offers an intuitive and visually appealing website building experience, making it a great choice for individuals and businesses who prioritize design and user experience. 

However, it may not be the ideal solution for those with extensive e-commerce needs.

Besides these features, Showit has great customer service. You can always get in touch with their team if you have tech issues. Membership sites can be tough to build without this kind of support, especially for newbies.

Can you build a membership site on Showit?

In case it wasn’t pretty obvious above, yes, you can definitely build a membership site on Showit. 

Showit provides all the necessary tools and features to create a fully functional membership site. With its intuitive interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and integration with popular membership plugins like MemberPress, S2Member, and Restrict Content Pro, Showit makes it easy for anyone to build and manage a membership site.

Whether you want to offer exclusive content, online courses, or a community platform, Showit has the capabilities to support your membership site needs. By using Showit, you can create a visually appealing and user-friendly membership site that will engage and retain your members.

What is a Showit subscription?

Showit subscriptions give users access to the Showit website builder and its features. 

The Showit subscription lets you build and customize your website using drag-and-drop, use a bunch of design templates, and get customer support.

Depending on your budget and needs, Showit has different subscription plans. 

Plan features and benefits vary, including how many websites you can create, how much storage space you get, how many plugins you can link to, how many blog views per month, and much more.

Showit membership sites are particularly excellent if you’re seeking a platform that offers both aesthetic flexibility and user-friendly interfaces.

Their customizable templates allow for individualistic and creative expression, while their drag-and-drop builder ensures you don’t need extensive technical skills to establish a visually appealing and functional site.

Moreover, these sites can incorporate an array of multimedia content, making them ideal for businesses or individuals aiming to deliver diverse, engaging experiences for their members.

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