Wild Apricot, a leading membership website builder, has been instrumental in reshaping the digital landscape for online communities. But who is the parent company of Wild Apricot? 

This article delves into the corporate structure behind this powerful tool, its functionalities, and its worthiness in the industry.

Who Is The Parent Company Of Wild Apricot?

The parent company of WildApricot is Personify Corp.

Personify Corporation acquired Wild Apricot in 2017. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Personify is a market-leading technology platform that helps organizations to better engage their constituents, maximize revenue, and optimize operations. 

By acquiring Wild Apricot, Personify has further extended its reach in providing robust, comprehensive solutions to a broader client range, including small-scale organizations and clubs.

The synergy between Wild Apricot’s innovative membership management software and Personify’s robust engagement platform has resulted in a unique blend of technology solutions that cater to diverse organization sizes and types. The integration has not only enhanced the product capabilities but has also allowed both Wild Apricot and Personify to expand their customer base.

In essence, Wild Apricot’s success story remains incomplete without mentioning Personify’s role in its journey. As the parent company, Personify has nurtured Wild Apricot, helping it become a powerhouse in its own right within the membership management software industry.

What Is The Website WildApricot?

WildApricot is a specialized website designed to alleviate the administrative burdens of club, association, and non-profit managers. It serves as an all-in-one membership, event, and website management platform.

WildApricot’s platform is tailor-made for small to medium-sized organizations. Its user-friendly interface and wide array of features make it a popular choice across various sectors, from social clubs and professional associations to charities and educational institutions.

WildApricot Core Features

Membership Management: WildApricot allows organizations to automate and streamline various aspects of membership, such as registration, renewal, and communication. It offers customizable membership levels, automated renewal reminders, and easy-to-access member directories.

Event Management: The platform simplifies planning and running events by offering features such as a calendar, online registration and payment, and attendee tracking. It even supports automated event reminders and post-event surveys.

Website Builder: WildApricot comes with a built-in website builder that lets you create professional and mobile-friendly websites without coding knowledge. It offers a variety of templates and easy-to-use design tools, helping organizations to maintain a strong online presence.

Email Marketing: WildApricot supports targeted email blasts and automatic email triggers. This helps in keeping members informed and engaged through newsletters, event updates, and membership reminders.

Is WildApricot Any Good?

Yes, WildApricot is an excellent tool, particularly for non-profit organizations. 

It’s a robust membership management software that allows organizations to handle their membership databases, websites, events, and online payments in one place. 

Its intuitive interface and comprehensive feature set make it a valuable resource in efficient and effective membership management.

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